Wednesday, 25 April 2012

How to remove TIMELINE Facebook (It's work!)

Holla2..dis time xmau ceciter psl PB or my nak share ngn korang satu ilmu yg sgt berguna utk FB addicted like me!!hak3..ade tak kat cni yg suke glerrr ngn “GarisMasa”tuh??kalo suke,plz dun read this entry sbb entry ini dibuat KHAS utk Timeline Haters,juz ike me too..^_^

I hate Timeline! Timeline is annoying! I want my old Facebook back! >___< And YES! Time to get back ur old Facebook now..


2 weeks ago,disebabkan terlalu menyampah to the max tgk timeline di profile sndiri,I tried too hard to find something yg bleh removekan mende alah ni dr pandangan mata kasar and guess what?? I just found a website from someone that can remove timeline, BUTpeople still can view your timeline profile for AT LEAST they download the extension too! WHY??bcoz this TIMELINE cannot be removed permanently sebabnye dh mmg dicipta sebegitu rupa..and these steps juz the BROWSER TRICK!!maknanye,ONLY PC or lappy yg download extension ini sahaja yg boleh tgk the old facebook!!So do you wanna ur old Facebook back? Don't forget to ask your friend do it too! Get start now! 

Just simple~ please follow the step : 

2) Select your browser (Firefox, Google chrome or Explorer)

3) After successful download, try to refresh ur FB and view ur Profile..then wallawehh you get the old FB version..Congratulation!!! 

amacam..suke tak??dun forget to ask ur friends to download too! So they can view your timeline profile to old version too!hak hak hak..

Tapi harus diingat yer kwn2 sekalian,you will not able to share the url directly, Because Facebook reporting website as spam.. 

Well,walaupon website neh boikot by Facebook, but I can tell you, I already try it, and it's work hokey! There's no Virus or something make you worry about. What u need to do juz Click "share" this post to your facebook now! 

Everyone can get back old FB now. I hope this post can help you guys! Good luck! ..^_*


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